We are excited about our breeding of Hasbro and Moxie.
These pups were bred with the goal of producing multi-
purpose Flat-Coats that have potential to excel in field,
agility, conformation, and obedience, as well as being
pleasant companions. This breeding strives to produce
pups with a strong work ethic, drive, correct Flat-Coat
breed type, clean movement, and longevity. The pups will
be raised in our home and will have the opportunity to
experience the fields and ponds at our farms as they
grow. They will be socialized to people, children, dogs,
sounds and places as well as go on car rides and be
introduced to crates and birds. We invite inquiries from
loving homes who are interested in a competitive partner
to enjoy life with
Litter Expected September 2019
Sire: GCH Kistryl Shoots and Ladders  CD MH WCX** Hall of Fame
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Hasbro Photos:
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For more information, contact Maureen Kolasa, Tucker, GA.
(home) 770-414-1018; (email) wingmasterfcr@yahoo.com