Wingmaster Flat-Coated Retrievers
began in 1976 when Maureen Kolasa
obtained her first Flat-Coat and
joined the Flat-Coated Retriever
Society of America. After several
years of competing in field,
conformation, and obedience as a
junior handler. Maureen bred her
first litter with CH Wyndhams Nickel
CD WC. Throughout the years,
Maureen has continued to compete in
field, obedience, and conformation.
In recent years, she's added agility as well, and currently teaches training classes in
obedience and agility. Flat-Coats are an integral part of the lives of Maureen and her
husband, Michael Schooley. The dogs are dearly loved - so much so that we purchased a
farm so that the dogs would have somewhere to run, swim and train! We are focused on
sharing our lives with our dogs through training and competing. We also love to hike
with them at every opportunity. On occasion, we have litters and greatly treasure the
friendships we've formed through placing puppies.